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A winning concept in OpenIDEO

How might we design an accessible election experience for everyone?


Vapp is a voting app designed to be operated by the poll clerks to easily suggest the method of voting for people with disabilities. For instance, when a visually impaired voter needs to use his hearing sense to be guided, and is able to use his/her hands to touch control the app, another might be able to see the device but not use his/her hands. Vapp supports the right of everyone to vote self sufficiently, not needing to share own candidate information.

Vapp User Scenarios

Jeannie lost her eyes and one leg during the last war. She is staying at a Veteran Nursing Home during the elections. A group of poll clerks visit her with a mobile voting unit and use Vapp to help her vote.

Minjun is an immigrant and English is his second language. The poll clerk changes the language from the Voter Profile Settings. When the poll clerk shows the Chinese interface, Minjun approves.

Mikkel broke both of his arms while paragliding, but he can walk to the voting place. Visual guide and voice voting enables to use the app without touching. For privacy, one time use words are generated to vote.

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