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online endless canvas to interact on


Awarded as the Most Creative Concept during the

Human Computer Interaction Course in Coursera


Instant messaging allows people to think and type simultaneously, causing a phenomenon called ‘parallel chatting’. Chatboard is a new way of visualizing a chat interaction, an endless canvas to chat and interact on, a visually friendly tool which adapts to the time flexibility that comes along with instant messaging.

Need-finding phase

The way instant messaging (chatting) is visualized on our screens today is a linear format listing messages chronologically. However, instant messaging allows two (or more) people to think and type at the same time, which muddles topics and leads to misunderstandings.

‘How might we design an interface for instant messaging that prioritizes topics rather than time?

Prototyping and user-testing

Low-fidelity prototypes Chatboard’s first prototypes were using the software Balsamiq and user tests were carried out using both digital and paper prototypes.

High-fidelity prototypes With feedback from users, prototypes were refined in the software JustinMind and tests continued using higher-fidelity prototypes.

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